MBBS in Bangladesh. Frequently asked question

It does feel like I boarded my flight from TIA to Shah Jalal International Airport yesterday. It has been about three years since I’ve been studying MBBS in Bangladesh as of 2020, and these the few frequently asked questions I had before I came here.

bangladesh airport
Dhaka’s international airport

Is language gonna be a problem?

Yes, definitely if you are studying MBBS in Bangladesh as a foreigner. But just in the beginning. You will eventually learn it and will be comfortable using it. Classes are taken in English, although Bangla is frequently used.

The language barrier will be a problem until you will be able to understand Bangla ( just as in Nepali or English). These problems are also solved by using English or Hindi. Hindi not being our language we Nepali have always been used to listening to Hindi same is the case for Bangladesh. Hindi can generally be used for a conversation in Bangladesh.

Bangla language
Chris Hemsworth speaking Bangla

How is the study compared to Nepal?

This one question always popped in my mind. Spending almost equal money and studying in a foreign land. Is it worth it? If you want my advice, I would advise you to consider Nepal because life is hard here. And it’s not the USA or Australia. It’s the same as Nepal with a much broader population, plus it’s not home.

Study wise I think it’s not too different. In Nepal, students have integrated studies. They have most of the basics subject in a Semester/Year. Whereas in Bangladesh we complete one after another. The first one year and six months are just for Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Physiology. And the next year its just Community Medicine and Forensic Medicine. Next year its Pathology and Microbiology and Pharmacology. Final one year, six months its Medicine, Surgery, and Gynecology. Clinical placement starts immediately after the first one and a half years.

The basic system of study is different but all together its the same at last.


What it feels like to be a Medical student in Bangladesh especially being a foreigner.

First of all, MBBS is a hard course on itself ( which isn’t), and you are sure to face many problems. All these problems which you’ll encounter are preparing you for your future.- instead of escaping them face them head-on.

That being said adaptation here is easy. Few years after your stay you will feel Bangladesh is also one of your homes.

busy street bangladesh
Dhaka’s street


Weather here is mostly hot and humid in twelve nine months are sure to be warm as it lies near the equator, and the geographical landscape is as same as Terai( plain land) for the most part. Many colleges offer Air Conditioning, and it’s up to what you prefer.


Explaining food you get to eat in Bangladesh is a bit complicated. We mostly share the same food, but the cooking process is a bit different. The primary foods we eat in both countries is Dal(pulse) and Bhat( rice) spoken the same way. Mostly you might find it to have excess oil, but that depends on what you are used to eating at home. Curry is generally Chicken. Vegetables are good, but you will not be able to find the variety found in Nepal. Life will be hard if you are a vegetarian but not impossible because lest’s be real nothing is impossible.

rice chicken
Bhat chicken

I might have missed quite a lot of information. As time progress I will be updating this post.

Regarding Information on Admission and college selection, feel free to contact us. For more information on MBBS in Bangladesh. There are still many problems to be addressed.

Please be careful while giving money to your agent as many student suffer due to fraud.


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