Viral Hepatitis-B in Pregnancy Viral Hepatitis-B in pregnancy can cause serious events in Childbirth and in Child’s as well as mother’s health. Proper management is required with safe delivery as well as proper timely immunization. Epidemiology 400 million individuals have chronic. HBV worldwide Out of which 50% acquired their infections perinatally 3.5% of pregnant mothers […]

Club Foot(Congenital talipes equinovarus)

Club Foot also is known as Giles Smith Syndrome, Congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV), or talipes equinovarus (TEV). The Word “Talipes Equinovarus” comes from Latin: Talus (ankle) + pes (foot). Equino– indicates the heel is elevated (like a horse’s)  varus- indicates it is turned inward. The foot is turned in sharply, and the person seems to […]

Dental Desensitizing Agent/ Obtundents

Chemical substances that are used to diminished or desensitize dentinal sensitivity due to exposure of dentinal tubules are called Dental Desensitizing Agent or Obtundents. Tooth Sensitivity/ Dentine Sensitivity A sharp pain produced in response to mild stimuli that usually disappear with the removal of the stimulus is called dental sensitivity. Causes of tooth sensitivity 1.) […]

Local Anaesthetics

Definition Local anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia is a transient and reversible loss of sensation in a localized or circumscribed area of the body without impairing the degree of consciousness. Local anaesthetics: Local anaesthetics are the agents which are used for producing transient and reversible loss of sensation in a localized area of the body without affecting […]

Prevention from Dengue.

Earlier in our post about Dengue we discussed Dengue Syndrome/Dengue/ Dengue Fever. In this post, we will talk about prevention from Dengue. The earlier post about About Dengue Syndrome 1.Vector Control Dengue can’t spread without the help of the Aedes Mosquito. They depend upon the mosquito for their survival and transmission. Cutting the problem at […]

Dengue Syndrome ( Part One)

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease caused by Dengue virus. Incidence of dengue has grown rapidly in recent years all over the world and as of summer 2019, it has caused an outbreak in Nepal. What is Dengue? ‘Dengue’ is a West Indian Spanish word derived from Ki Swahili ‘ka dinga pepo‘(a kind of cramping […]

Dehydration and why you should be worried?

What is dehydration? Simply dehydration means the process of losing water. Medically, dehydration usually means a person has lost enough fluid so that the body begins to lose its ability to function normally and then begins to produce symptoms related to the fluid loss. What causes Dehydration? If your water loss is greater than your […]

Smoking : Why is it harmful?

Smoking : Why is it harmful? Because it kills you if you didn’t knew that already. More than 20% or 1 billion of the total population of the world consume tobacco cigarettes. Prevalence of smoking is now more then ever and rising at alarming rate. Most people start smoking young and statistics show about 20% […]

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