Smoking : Why is it harmful?

Smoking : Why is it harmful?
Because it kills you if you didn’t knew that already.

More than 20% or 1 billion of the total population of the world consume tobacco cigarettes. Prevalence of smoking is now more then ever and rising at alarming rate. Most people start smoking young and statistics show about 20% of young teens (aged 13–15) smoked worldwide. It’s not surprising in one hand where as is one of the most concerned issue of the world today.

Much of the disease burden and premature mortality attributable to tobacco use disproportionately affect the poor“.

World Health Organization (WHO)

  About 80% of the world’s smokers live in developing country that being said citizens of these country are more prone to diseases. 70% of the total death caused by smoking occurs in developing country. From small infection to any cardiovascular or respiratory disease smoking is a risk factor for most of the disease. Seeing how harmful smoking is we all should be concerned for our-self and to the people we love.

What happens in your body when you smoke?

When you inhale a puff of smoke the nicotine along with hundreds of other chemical enter your blood stream. In 10 second time the nicotine amount peaks in your blood. While it reaches your brain It also reaches your adrenal gland and stimulates it to produce epinephrine (adrenaline). This adrenaline rush in return increases your heart rate, blood pressure , respiration. A reward pathway in the brain is also activated and gives you the feeling of pleasure.

Nicotine like most drug has an addicting effect in your body. And like most drug has harmful effect in your body as discussed below.

Nicotine, Cigarette, Tar – Smoking: Why is it harmful?

While nicotine is also harmful to your body it ( just nicotine) is considered more safe than a cigarette. Smoking a cigarette will give you Nicotine, Other harmful chemicals and Tar. Burnt cigarette produces smoke and Inhaling this smoke deposits tar in your lungs.

Nicotine along with its pleasurable effects also temporarily increases aspects of cognition , like the ability to sustain, hold information in memory.

However, the long term harmful effects of smoking outweighs the short term benefits. In long term smoking is associated with Cognitive defects , Alzheimer’s disease.

While nicotine is not the cause of lung cancer tar and smoking is.

Some List of disease caused by smoking

  1. Lung Cancer : Primary Cause of Lung Cancer
  2. Cardiovascular disease: 1 in 5 Cardiovascular disease are related to smoking
  3. Diabetes : Risk of type 2 Diabetes mellitus.
  4. Erectile Dis function : You don’t want that do you? Smoking causes plague in arteries and obstructs blood flow.
  5. Eye Disease: Increased risk of cataracts and glaucoma.
  6. Tuberculosis: Patients who had TB in the past are in high risk of getting Tuberculosis again.
  7. Stroke: Blood gets thicker and is most likely to clot and cause stroke

While there are chances of getting these disease, Smoking is not only affecting your physical health it also affects your social and mental health. Smoking also affects your sleep. It causes Birth control pills to not work properly. Your oral hygiene gets affected and even your menstrual cycle is disturbed. Other various physiological process of your body affects you all together.

Although death is in inevitable it doesn’t means you have to call it early. Relax enjoy your time and Don’t smoke and if you do QUIT SMOKING.