The Nepali Doctor is a blog created to share medical information from the perspective of a medical student(for now ;).

Personally I love being a learner. I feel like I’m behind. .This blog means a new learning opportunity where I can explore my limits to learn new things as well as share them to my audience.

It is also created with an objective to create community in which people in medical profession, students , doctors, and people of all other health profession can come together and discuss topics and help each other out.


To share basic medical knowledge to people which can help them in day to day life.

To educate people healthy practices and lifestyle.

To show the correct procedures in heath practices.

To give an inside look at a life of Medical student ( for now).


These opinions are our own, and are based on personal experiences, knowledge and research . We will reference sources when applicable. Please do not confuse a blog post with a scientific paper or multi-referenced review article.

Our writings are not medical advice.  Discuss your treatment strategies with your doctor.

If any case of a patient is shown, patient information is sufficiently changed to protect the privacy of the patient.

Enjoy, Interact and feel free to school us.

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