Lippincott Illustrated Reviews: Pharmacology PDF

Students’ favorite review resource for studying the essentials of medical pharmacology, Lippincott Illustrated Reviews: Pharmacology , Seventh Edition, presents up-to-date drug information in an accessible format ideal for a fast, effective refresher. Part of the popular Lippincott® Illustrated Reviews series, this concise resource features clear, effective writing and hundreds of illustrations that break down complex information for rapid review. […]

Basic and Clinical Pharmacology -katzung PDF

Basic and Clinical Pharmacologyis The most up-to-date, comprehensive, and authoritative pharmacology text in health medicine Enhanced by more than three hundred illustrations — many in full color Organized to reflect the syllabi in many pharmacology courses and in integrated curricula, Basic & Clinical Pharmacology, 12e covers the important concepts students need to know about the science of […]

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