Prevention from Dengue.

Earlier in our post about Dengue we discussed Dengue Syndrome/Dengue/ Dengue Fever. In this post, we will talk about prevention from Dengue. The earlier post about About Dengue Syndrome 1.Vector Control Dengue can’t spread without the help of the Aedes Mosquito. They depend upon the mosquito for their survival and transmission. Cutting the problem at […]

Dengue Syndrome ( Part One)

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease caused by Dengue virus. Incidence of dengue has grown rapidly in recent years all over the world and as of summer 2019, it has caused an outbreak in Nepal. What is Dengue? ‘Dengue’ is a West Indian Spanish word derived from Ki Swahili ‘ka dinga pepo‘(a kind of cramping […]

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