Bacterial Structure

Shape & size of Bacterial Structure Bacterial Structure : Bacteria are classified by shape into three basic groups: • Cocci, • Bacilli, and • Spirochetes Bacteria range in size from about 0.2 to 5 μm. Structure of Bacteria/Bacterial Structure Bacterial Structure Essential components in the Bacterial Structure. •Cell wall Peptidoglycan Outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria […]

Bacterial Culture and Media 

What is a Culture ? Culture is the process of cultivation of the micro-organisms in the laboratory for the purpose of identifying & studying them. Bacterial Culture and Media  What is a Media ? Media are the artificial food for microorganisms, which are used for the cultivation of microorganisms in the laboratory under appropriate biochemical […]

Bacterial Physiology

Bacterial growth What is Growth in Bacterial Physiology ? Growth is the orderly increase in the sum of all the components of an organism. Bacterial growth involves both an increase in the size of organisms and an increase in their number. What is Death in Bacterial Physiology ? Death means the irreversible loss of the […]

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