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•Harsh Mohan – Textbook of Pathology is Revised and Updated Text: Insertion of latest information between the lines in various aspects of diseases- additional causes, recent mechanism and newer diagnostic techniques. Current criteria of diagnosis of common diseases and most recent WHO classification of neoplasms along with references have been included in all chapters. 25 new tables have been added in different chapters while others have been updated. It follows simple, lucid, easily understandable and reproducible, user-friendly format.
•Reorganised Text: the revised edition contains 30 chapters distributed in three sections: General Pathology (Ch. 1 to 10), Haematopoietic and Lymphoreticular System (Ch. 11 to 14), and Systemic Pathology (Ch. 15 to 30), and three appendices.Harsh Mohan – Textbook of Pathology
•New Chapters: addition of new chapters on ‘Molecular Cell Biology in Health and Ageing’ (Ch.2) and another chapter carved out in haematology by restructuring this section into four chapters, in conformity with recent WHO classification scheme. These are ‘White Blood Cells-Proliferations and Myeloid Neoplasms’ (Ch.13) and ‘Diseases of Lymphoid Cells and Lymphoreticular Tissues’ (Ch.14). Harsh Mohan – Textbook of Pathology
•Newer and Amended Images: Schematic, gross images and photomicrographs have been added (many previous pictures have been replaced with better images) of high quality and better resolution, contributed generously by Prof Ivan Damjanov. All the pictures have been labelled to help the beginners to identify structures in the image.
•‘Must-know’ Boxes: At the end of every topic, distinctive eye-catching colour boxes have been added summarising bulleted key points for a rapid revision of the subject in an ultra-short time.
•Chapter Orientation: This new feature of revised edition as a paragraph at the beginning of every chapter, giving an overview of what is going to be learnt in that chapter in a systematic sequence.
•Newer Format of Clinical Cases: At the end of most of the chapters, one or more clinical cases based on a common or an important disease pertaining to that chapter is given with its history, findings of examination and result of some investigations. These clinical cases, now numbering 35 have been revised and a newer format of multiple choice questions has been given at the end of most cases forming a bridge between pathology and clinical medicine. Their answers along with analytical explanation and discussion are given in Appendix II.
•Review Questions: Another new feature of revised edition is addition of important review questions (both long-answer type and short-notes on topics) at the end of every chapter, to prepare the learner and to visualise what to write in the examination.
•Revised Pathology Quick Review: The companion-book of the textbook has undergone parallel revision in content and its presentation. The revised baby book has newer MCQs, now with explanation, and also includes short-answer questions which are commonly asked in viva-vice examination.

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